Why I started Pearls from my Mom

I would call my mom a hybrid of an optimist and a realist. One thing that she does better than anyone else: she gets s#%* done. When she was diagnosed with cancer in November she set out to take care of everything she wanted to have done before she leaves this world.

I flew back to Colorado for Christmas and sitting around my sister’s dining room table she started talking about the details. She wanted to let me know she had set a few special items aside for my sister, myself and our children. We talked about the house, the coo coo clock, that special necklace I have always loved and other various items. I did my best to hold it together and not break down at the thought of inheriting anything, I would take hanging out with my mom over any possession.

She has a nice set of pearls which she said she didn’t know what to do with since she wasn’t sure if people wear pearls anymore. I told her the only pearls I truely care about are the pearls of wisdom she has given me. Since that moment, whenever I feel anxious, I think of those pearls and a sense of peace and tranquility comes over me.

One day, a chill ran down my spine and I was overcome with terror as I thought to myself “what if, one day she is gone and I can’t remember all of her sparkling pearls of wisdom?” I knew I needed to take action so I started interpreting her words, turning them into miniature paintings I can string together and hang on my wall. I find this therapeutic and thought I would put them on the Internet to have a place where my sister and our kids could look at them for years to come.

I am scared to lose my mom and some times when I think about it I am not sure how I could carry on. I started to think about the friends I have who have unfortunately lost their moms and they are still able to live happy lives, in many cases they are living their best life to pay homage to the person who gave them everything.

This has me thinking that I will be a part of a sisterhood/brotherhood that I never wanted to be a part of, yet will do my best to embrace when the time comes. This sisterhood/brotherhood is the reason I started this site. I know there must be others out there like me who want to share the pearls of wisdom that have been handed down to them.

This is a space to share those pearls, recipes, crafts, laughs, and anything else you want. They can be from your mom, dad, sibling, friend, grandparent- anyone who has given you worthwhile advice. Feel free to read, comment, share and post. Who knows, you pearl may inspire me to paint yours and add it to the strand. Click here to go to our sharing page. Sharing to keep the legacy alive…

My sister Sara, my mom Margie, and me.

My sister Sara, my mom Margie, and me.


*Update: my mom left us on July 2nd, 2015. Words cannot express the heartbreak I am feeling but having a little passion project helps. Hopefully you enjoy it and share it with others that would like it.

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